Navi-holder for Ford Transit from June 06-12


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Navi holder for Ford Transit from June 06-12 for navimodels S2500/S5000/S6400/S6800/S6810/S6900/S8100/S8110/C6500/C8200/C8500/IN6000/IN7000/IN8020/IN8050

The primary goal of this vehicle-specific navigation system holder is, to adapt the working environment of the driver to his needs in such a way that accessibility and handling of the navigation systems or monitors to be installed, are optimally positioned using our mounting systems. This includes, on the one hand, that the driver is not obstructed in the view, on the other hand, by using the specially developed ball head, the screen can be adjusted in inclination and viewing angle related to the seating position of the driver so that glare-free operation is also guaranteed.

These vehicle-specific mounts can be mounted so that the dashboard is not damaged by visible holes. Included in this set is the device-specific screen mount for the navigation system model mentioned here and a vehicle-specific dashboard mount for the vehicle specified in the product designation.

Item ID 596
Content 1 piece
Weight 463 g
Net weight 463 g
Dimensions 120×130×80mm

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